Our Technology

Our Chatbots and Voice Bots are embedded with several smart features curated to meet business needs. Our solutions help companies achieve greater ROI, boost sales, increased conversions and personalised marketing whilst paving way to the future. Our comprehensive technological solutions help industry leading companies and individuals achieve greater success.



Conversational AI Chatbots are omni-channel and can be deployed on various messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Website, Whatsapp, Google Assistant, Alexa, Line, Kik, Skype, Slack, Viber, Telegram and more.


  • Broadcast 
    Send instant Facebook Messenger notifications to your audience. Define segments based on user behavior and target them.

  • Scheduling
    Send notifications right away or schedule them for future or based on customer timezone for better deliverability.

  • Rules/Sequences
    Nurture your leads automatically with predefined rules. Enroll users based on their behavior and un-enroll them based on goal achieved.

  • 24-hr limit
    Support to intelligently handle Facebook's messaging limits.

  • Email/SMS follow up
    Apart from sending Facebook notifications you can also send SMS or Email to users / leads.


Store information and data from conversations directly to Google Sheets.


Our chatbots are embedded with an extensively trained artificially intelligence agent. Chatbots work 24x7 to monitor consumer data, gain insights, provide better engagement, and improved customer support.

  • FAQ Intelligent
    FAQ matching with support for customized FAQ experience

  • Agent Persona
    Provide more personalised experience with showing agent details to your users.


Our chatbots are powered with an exceptional marketing instinct to help you interact with the customers in an intelligent way. Our Chat Marketing solutions include :                                        

  • Multi Campaigns
    Campaigns lets you build and organise multiple campaigns on single bot. You can get started with any pre built campaigns like Lead Generation, Insurance, Appointment, Credit Card, Loans etc.

  • Topic Subscription
    Increase engagement by subscribing your audience on different topics and then send them regular news.

  • Content Integrations
    Auto send news from different sources like RSS, Youtube etc.

  • Full Funnel Integration              Segment your customers based on their interests and send them specific follow-ups.

  • Lead Conversions                        Convert potential leads to customers through the in-built lead nurturing.


Cash on delivery or Stripe Payments or any other.


Our aim is to empower you with concise information and insights to help you make better & quicker decisions to grow your business. The analytics will provide you with concise information and deep understanding of the conversations.


  • Link Referral
    Bring leads to your messenger using contextual links to provide customised experience.

  • Ads Integration
    Integrate Facebook Ads with your Messenger bots

  • Offline QR Scan
    Acquire offline leads using Messenger Code for scanning

  • Comment To Bot
    Onboard leads from you post comments. Use this to leverage your post engagements

  • Web Chat Plugin
    Use Facebook Messenger Livechat plugin on your website


Store customer contact details in CRM or Google Sheets which can be exported.


Access all Chatbots insights and stored data right there on your own personalised dashboard application.


  • CRM
    Integrate with any CRM - Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho and many more.

  • Zapier
    Use Zapiers app to connect to any other tool/service using Zapier.


  • Button Widget
    Provide CTAs for your Chatbot on your website using this. Use this for initiate chat with your website visitors

  • Checkbox
    Use it to subscribe your website visitors to your chat bot

  • Landing Page
    Create landing pages for chat marketing


  • To set up reminders for reservations or appointments.


  • Our chatbots and voice bots are highly scalable and can be used by unlimited people at the same time.

  • Our bots can be subscribed by unlimited people and provide them a response instantly.